About Gamer Thrifts

Gamer Thrifts is a U.S-based eCommerce company run by video gaming enthusiasts, providing electronic and video game surplus products, which means that our items typically include items that were retrieved from store returns.

These are like new, or used items. This allows us to sell our items at a premium low price for shoppers that are seeking good deals for their electronic and video game needs. If you are feeling more daring, you can purchase from our gaming boneyard, which are broken gaming products and accessories that are sold for parts.

We have sold over 500 electronics and video games in the past year shipped everywhere in the United States, with the premium low price that comes along with surplus-value electronics.

eco-friendly ecofriendly

We are an eco-friendly company and package our items using recycled mailers, bags, and envelopes provided by local businesses to help cut on waste.

US Seller, US Based Company. Supporting stores from the US

We do fast shipping from the U.S in our PA-based facility. If there are any questions, we are simply a short message away, and can address any of your concerns to lead to a properly informed purchase. If you want to see our newest listings or want to know when we are doing sales and discounts, please subscribe to our newsletter. Thank you for stopping by!