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2020 Cyber Monday Deals Announced for GamerThrifts!

We have announced our 2020 Cyber Monday Deals and they will be some of the best we will be running for this year!

We will be running site-wide markdowns of the following items:

  • 15% Off All Items $50 or More
  • 20% Off All Items $75 or More
  • 30% Off All Items $100 or More

Additionally, there will be a 10% Site-Wide Markdown on all other items.

This Cyber Monday Sale is valid on November 30th ONLY.

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Product Stock Notice: Xbox One Elite Controller – Series 1


NEW STOCK ALERT – We have received shipments of Xbox One Elite Controllers, all Series 1 editions!

Controllers are in very lightly used condition and are in overall great shape! The controllers come in a zip case, with clip-on metal mappable back paddle buttons, as well as a metal D-pad, and two pairs of analog sticks that you can switch and alternate on your controller for an optimized gaming experience.

The controller also features adjustable hair triggers, and a rubberized feel and stealth matte black look. You won’t be disappointed with this high-quality product! Pick one up with us today! –

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Product Launch Notice: The Nintendo Switch GameCube JoyCon

Joycons being used in Smash Bros Ultimate

This week we announce one of our newest products in stock on our site, the Nintendo Switch GameCube Joycon!

These joy cons are made best for Smash Ultimate players who enjoy playing their games in portable/tablet mode – it gives you the ergonomic feel and full button layout of the Nintendo GameCube controller in the joycon format. The GameCube Controller is widely known as the best controller to use for Smash Brothers games to provide an authentic and optimal experience. It also has the Nintendo switch NFC reader so that you can use your Amiibo with your games. This controller is the ultimate merge between the authenticity and nostalgia of the GameCube controller and the convenience, comfort, and innovation of the Nintendo JoyCon, giving players the best of both worlds. 

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GamerThrifts expands into its own platform starting 1/1/20

Today we are glad to announce that GamerThrifts is expanding outside of eBay and Amazon with our very own website starting January 2020!

On our website, you will get to enjoy the benefits of being on our very own platform – this includes better pricing, coupon opportunities/sales, affiliate/partner opportunities, access to our blog, enrollment in our soon-to-be-released online trade-in system, and more to come!

In 2019 we managed to handle over 550 sales from customers all around the country and have effectively doubled our growth from last year! We thank all of our customers, supporters, and partnering businesses in helping us get this far. We wish you a wonderful new year!